Final NEAT plenary in Oslo

The NEAT consortium held its last plenary meeting last week, on February 13-14, at Simula’s premises in Oslo. The meeting was devoted to wrapping up experimental activities and last-year demos. The plenary also offered an opportunity to meet one last time with Scientific Advisory Board members Håkon Lønsethagen and Marie-José Montpetit, who gave valuable feedback … Read more

Consortium meets in Karlstad

NEAT held its tenth plenary meeting in Karlstad, Sweden, in the Karlstad University campus, on October 24–25. The main focus of the meeting was on wrapping up the research work on NEAT’s extended transport system, and progressing the experimental work that will validate the NEAT approach in the four industry use cases that drive the … Read more

Consortium meets in Cork

On June 19-20, NEAT held its ninth plenary meeting in Cork, Ireland, at Dell EMC’s premises. The meeting was devoted mostly to wrapping up the development of the NEAT core system, and to preparing the experimental campaign that will be carried out during the last year of the project. Also, an open hackathon was planned … Read more

Consortium meets in Paris

NEAT partners met for the third time in Paris, at Mozilla’s premises, during the week of January 30 – February 3. The first two days were devoted to NEAT’s second hackathon, where different demos using the NEAT library and NEAT-enabled applications were prepared and tested. Håkon Lønsethagen, one of the members of our scientific advisory … Read more

Consortium meets in Oslo again

NEAT held its second Oslo meeting of 2016, this time at Simula’s premises in Fornebu, over four days (September 19-22). The first 1.5 days of this technical plenary were devoted to a hackathon, where NEAT System developers from the consortium worked on progressing and improving the NEAT open-source library, with focus on happy eyeballs code and the Policy Manager, … Read more

Consortium meets in Oslo

NEAT project participants were at the University of Oslo on June 28–30, for a technical plenary meeting. During this face-to-face gathering, partners discussed topics related to the ongoing open-source coding efforts and research activities. The consortium will meet again in the early Autumn, and will be represented at the next IETF meeting in Berlin, where several NEAT-related presentations … Read more

Consortium meets in Aberdeen

NEAT participants met at the University of Aberdeen on March 8–10 for a technical plenary. Discussion topics at this face-to-face meeting included the design and implementation of a prototype of the core NEAT System, which is being released as open-source software. The consortium will meet again in late June at the University of Oslo. In … Read more

NEAT presented at MAMI’s kickoff meeting

NEAT was presented to the partners of the new MAMI European research project, at MAMI’s kickoff in Zürich, on February 9. Both projects are going to discuss possible avenues for technical cooperation. A reciprocal presentation of MAMI will take place during NEAT’s next plenary meeting in Aberdeen, in mid-March. Two partners of the NEAT consortium, … Read more

Meeting with the Scientific Advisory Board in Paris

The NEAT consortium held a plenary meeting at Mozilla’s Parisian premises, on December 2-4. This included a half-day meeting with three members of the project’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), who provided recommendations and valuable remarks. The plenary agenda focused on topics related to API design, and the core and extended components of the NEAT System … Read more

Consortium meets at EMC

The NEAT consortium held a face-to-face meeting that contributed to the project advancement, with important decisions on the architecture and  API design, refinement of the use cases, among other topics. Members of NEAT consortium met in London last August 26 and 27 at EMC’s premises in Brentford, UK.