Farewell IETF meeting for NEAT

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IETF 101 was the last IETF meeting happening during the NEAT project’s lifetime. As usual, NEAT was very active on various fronts. First and foremost, the TAPS working group, where the “minimum set” document was presented and consensus was found to announce a Working Group Last Call for it. TAPS ended with presentations and discussions about three new documents that are co-edited by members of the NEAT and MAMI EU projects as well as Tommy Pauly from Apple. The Working Group agreed to adopt all three documents as Working Group items.

Other notable work from NEAT was the presentation of “
Packetization Layer Path MTU Discovery” by Tom Jones (UoA; pictured above) in both the QUIC and TSVWG working groups. These presentations were met with large interest; several attendees applauded the work and stated their interest in implementations.