Hackathon at IETF 101

A two-day hackathon activity was organised at IETF-101 in London, entitled “Interoperation between NEAT and PvD”. This hackathon involved two people from Cisco and one from University of Aberdeen, joined by one student from University of Liège and another from Telecom ParisTech. Together they updated the PvD code in NEAT, and the Linux code was updated … Read more

Farewell IETF meeting for NEAT

IETF 101 was the last IETF meeting happening during the NEAT project’s lifetime. As usual, NEAT was very active on various fronts. First and foremost, the TAPS working group, where the “minimum set” document was presented and consensus was found to announce a Working Group Last Call for it. TAPS ended with presentations and discussions … Read more

Two new IETF RFCs from NEAT

In the last few months, the NEAT project has continued to have a strong presence at Internet standardisation activities, with two new Requests for Comments authored by NEAT participants. RFC 8303 and 8304, just published in February 2018, provide a comprehensive description of all the transport features that are offered to applications by the standard … Read more

IETF news from NEAT

NEAT continues to have a strong presence in standardisation activities at the IETF. In November 2017, a new standards-track RFC co-authored by Michael Tüxen (FHM) was published: RFC 8260, “Stream Schedulers and User Message Interleaving for the Stream Control Transmission Protocol”. NEAT was at the 100th meeting of the IETF in Singapore, held on November … Read more


Two IETF Request for Comments (RFC) documents produced by NEAT participants have just been published: RFC 8095, “Services provided by IETF transport protocols and congestion control mechanisms”. This is the first document from the TAPS working group, with key information that will guide further TAPS activities. It defines transport services as a first step towards defining what the … Read more

NEAT at the 96th IETF meeting

NEAT participants contributed to a range of activities at the IETF’s last meeting in Berlin, in July: Several Internet drafts coming from NEAT were updated, and a new draft was submitted to the TAPS Working Group. Four presentations were given in the TAPS session, two in the TSVWG session, and one in the recently-chartered MAP Research … Read more

NEAT at the 95th IETF meeting

NEAT participants were in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the 95th IETF meeting, on April 3–8. Several presentations were given on Internet Drafts related to NEAT work in the TAPS, TSVWG and DISPATCH working groups. NEAT will also be present at the next IETF in Berlin, next July.  

New Internet Drafts from NEAT

Two new Internet Drafts from NEAT have been posted in time for the Buenos Aires IETF meeting, in April 2016. One draft updates RFC 6951, the existing specification for encapsulating SCTP packets in UDP datagrams, and has been submitted to the TSV Working Group. Another draft describes a method to encapsulate several TCP connections in … Read more

New Internet Draft on UDP and UDP-Lite usage

A new Internet Draft, “Features of the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and Lightweight UDP (UDP-Lite) Transport Protocols“, has been posted as a contribution to the IETF TAPS working group. This draft, authored by NEAT participants, describes transport services provided by those two protocols and complements the analysis in another NEAT-authored Internet draft which focused on TCP and SCTP … Read more