NEAT architecture description publicly released

The architecture of the NEAT System is presented for the first time in a detailed description document. The NEAT System defines a new architecture that changes the transport layer interface exposed to Internet applications. This architecture is now available for download from the project’s website. This document starts by laying out the terminology that will be used in … Read more

NEAT Internet Draft adopted as IETF Working Group Item

Authored by NEAT participants, the Internet Draft “On the Usage of Transport Service Features Provided by IETF Transport Protocols” (draft-ietf-taps-transports-usage) has been adopted as a Working Group item by the Transport Services (TAPS) IETF working group. The draft stems from a previous effort, draft-welzl-taps-transports, also contributed by NEAT. Draft-ietf-taps-transports-usage presents a rigorous method for extracting … Read more

Meeting with the Scientific Advisory Board in Paris

The NEAT consortium held a plenary meeting at Mozilla’s Parisian premises, on December 2-4. This included a half-day meeting with three members of the project’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), who provided recommendations and valuable remarks. The plenary agenda focused on topics related to API design, and the core and extended components of the NEAT System … Read more

NEAT at the 94th IETF meeting

NEAT was present at the 94th IETF meeting, this time in Yokohama, Japan. NEAT participants Naeem Khademi and Stein Gjessing, from University of Oslo, gave talks during the TAPS Working Group session on November 3, related to two Internet Drafts issuing from the project. Another draft, previously adopted as Working Group item, was also presented … Read more


Det internationella projektet NEAT ser över hur data transporteras över Internet och erbjuder ett lättanvänt API för applikationsutvecklare. Det internationella forskningsprojektet NEAT (A New, Evolutive API and Transport-Layer Architecture for the Internet) har en ambitiös plan att utveckla ett nytt transportsystem med ett lättanvänt API för applikationsutvecklare. Det innovativa systemet kommer att möjliggöra en ny … Read more

Note de Presse

Le projet international NEAT rénovera le transport de données sur l’Internet grâce à une API simple à utiliser par les développeurs d’applications Fornebu, Norvège – Juillet 3, 2015 Le projet international de recherche NEAT (« A New, Evolutive API and Transport-Layer Architecture for the Internet ») a pour ambition de développer un nouveau système de transport Internet … Read more

Consortium meets at EMC

The NEAT consortium held a face-to-face meeting that contributed to the project advancement, with important decisions on the architecture and  API design, refinement of the use cases, among other topics. Members of NEAT consortium met in London last August 26 and 27 at EMC’s premises in Brentford, UK.


Das internationales Projekt NEAT verbessert den Datentransport im Internet unter Bereitstellung eines nutzerfreundlichen APIs für Applikationsentwickler Fornebu, Norway – August 2015 Das internationale Forschungsprojekt NEAT (“A New, Evolutive API and Transport-Layer Architecture for the Internet”) hat das anspruchsvolle Ziel, ein neues Internet Transport System mit einem nutzerfreundlichen API (Application Programming Interface) für Applikationsentwickler zu entwickeln. … Read more


Det internasjonale prosjektet NEAT vil endre hvordan data transporteres over internett ved hjelp av et brukervennlig API for applikasjonsutviklere Fornebu, Norge – 14. august 2015 Det internasjonale prosjektet NEAT (“A New, Evolutive API and Transport- Layer Architecture for the Internet”) har en ambisiøs plan for å utvikle et nytt transportsystem for internett ved hjelp av … Read more

Nota de Prensa

El proyecto internacional NEAT cambiará la manera de transportar datos en Internet gracias a una API fácil de usar por los desarrolladores de aplicaciones Fornebu, Noruega – Agosto del 2015 El proyecto internacional de investigación NEAT (“A New, Evolutive API and Transport-Layer Architecture for the Internet”) tiene un ambicioso plan para desarrollar un nuevo sistema de … Read more