NEAT paper to appear in IEEE Communications Magazine

A paper co-authored by NEAT participants from six partners has been accepted for publication in IEEE Communications Magazine, one of the journals with the highest impact factor in the field of Networks and Communications. The paper, titled “NEAT: A Platform- and Protocol-Independent Internet Transport API” presents the NEAT System architecture and its benefits, as well as its relation with the TAPS … Read more NEAT paper to appear in IEEE Communications Magazine


NEAT appears in episode #181 of BSD Now, a weekly video podcast devoted to the BSD operating system that has been aired since September 2013. Around the 2:45 and 12:00 marks, the podcast hosts discuss one of Tom Jones’s NEAT presentations at FOSDEM 2017. An interview made to Tom during FOSDEM should be aired in an upcoming … Read more NEAT in

Lightning talk at Chaos Communication Congress

NEAT will be at the 33rd edition of the Chaos Communication Congress (CCC), to be held in Hamburg, Germany, on December 27–30, 2016. A “lightning talk” by Tom Jones (University of Aberdeen) will introduce transport evolution and NEAT. Another talk by Tom is planned next February at FOSDEM 2017, one of the largest open-source conferences in … Read more Lightning talk at Chaos Communication Congress

New journal paper from NEAT

A paper jointly authored by NEAT participants has just been accepted for publication in IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. The paper, titled “De-ossifying the Internet Transport Layer: A Survey and Future Perspectives”, provides an in-depth survey of the main reasons for transport-layer ossification, and discusses the potential and limitations of previously proposed solutions. The paper also motivates and presents the requirements of … Read more New journal paper from NEAT

Consortium meets in Oslo again

NEAT held its second Oslo meeting of 2016, this time at Simula’s premises in Fornebu, over four days (September 19-22). The first 1.5 days of this technical plenary were devoted to a hackathon, where NEAT System developers from the consortium worked on progressing and improving the NEAT open-source library, with focus on happy eyeballs code and the Policy Manager, … Read more Consortium meets in Oslo again