Two NEAT talks at FOSDEM 2017

NEAT will be present at FOSDEM 2017, in Brussels, on February 4-5, 2017. FOSDEM is one of the largest open-source software events worldwide, with about 4,000 attendees. In the “BSD devroom” track, Tom Jones (UoA) will give a talk on transport evolution on top of BSD and the work done by NEAT to help the … Read more

Lightning talk at Chaos Communication Congress

NEAT will be at the 33rd edition of the Chaos Communication Congress (CCC), to be held in Hamburg, Germany, on December 27–30, 2016. A “lightning talk” by Tom Jones (University of Aberdeen) will introduce transport evolution and NEAT. Another talk by Tom is planned next February at FOSDEM 2017, one of the largest open-source conferences in … Read more

NEAT at the 96th IETF meeting

NEAT participants contributed to a range of activities at the IETF’s last meeting in Berlin, in July: Several Internet drafts coming from NEAT were updated, and a new draft was submitted to the TAPS Working Group. Four presentations were given in the TAPS session, two in the TSVWG session, and one in the recently-chartered MAP Research … Read more

NEAT at the Applied Networking Research Workshop

NEAT was at the Applied Networking Research Workshop (ANRW), sponsored by ACM, the IRTF and ISOC. Three papers were presented: On the Cost of Using Happy Eyeballs for Transport Protocol Selection. Start Me Up: Determining and Sharing TCP’s Initial Congestion Window. How to say that you’re special: Can we use bits in the IPv4 header? The … Read more

NEAT at the 95th IETF meeting

NEAT participants were in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the 95th IETF meeting, on April 3–8. Several presentations were given on Internet Drafts related to NEAT work in the TAPS, TSVWG and DISPATCH working groups. NEAT will also be present at the next IETF in Berlin, next July.  

NEAT presented at MAMI’s kickoff meeting

NEAT was presented to the partners of the new MAMI European research project, at MAMI’s kickoff in Zürich, on February 9. Both projects are going to discuss possible avenues for technical cooperation. A reciprocal presentation of MAMI will take place during NEAT’s next plenary meeting in Aberdeen, in mid-March. Two partners of the NEAT consortium, … Read more

NEAT at the 94th IETF meeting

NEAT was present at the 94th IETF meeting, this time in Yokohama, Japan. NEAT participants Naeem Khademi and Stein Gjessing, from University of Oslo, gave talks during the TAPS Working Group session on November 3, related to two Internet Drafts issuing from the project. Another draft, previously adopted as Working Group item, was also presented … Read more

NEAT at the 93rd IETF meeting

Seven NEAT partners were present at the 93rd IETF meeting, held in Prague on July 19-24. During this meeting, contributions were made to the TAPS Working Group, including a presentation of a recent Internet Draft. Besides, a face-to-face meeting was held to discuss technical topics related to the core NEAT transport system. The main focus … Read more

Concertation meeting in Brussels

NEAT was present at the Concertation meeting of the Future Internet Architectures Cluster, during Net Futures 2015, held on March 25 in Brussels. Slides for the NEAT presentation are available here.

NEAT at the 92nd IETF meeting

Three presentations by NEAT partners were in the agenda of the Transport Services (TAPS) Working Group during the 92nd meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF): WebRTC Data Channels, by Michael Tüxen (Fachhochschule Münster). IETF transport protocols and congestion control mechanisms—Service taxonomy discussion, by Gorry Fairhurst (University of Aberdeen). Our pre-TAPS work on transport … Read more