Abstract API description released

The NEAT codebase is continuously evolving, and so is the API that NEAT exposes to its applications.

The most up-to-date description of the current API that you can write your application against, using the code from NEAT’s Github repository, is available here.

But, where does this API come from? How is it designed?

NEAT’s User API is based on an abstract API description, which, in turn, is based on 1) NEAT’s use cases, presented in Deliverable D1.1, and 2) the services offered by the underlying transports. The latter are described in NEAT-authored drafts contributed to the IETF TAPS working group. Deliverable D1.2, just released by the project, provides a snapshot of this design process, as it was written in March 2016. We believe that sharing this intermediate step between use case requirements and transport services on the one hand, and the actual API available to programmers on the other, will be useful for upcoming TAPS work.